Getting the most out of your kid’s clothes!

At the beginning of every school year I buy my kids new pants.  By the end of the school year all the knees have holes!  Sometimes they don’t even make it to the end of the school year.  So I decided I would make those pants into shorts which makes me feel less annoyed when another pair comes home from school torn!  This year I have 12 pairs of jeans with holes and another 2 pairs that look like they will soon have holes in the knees.  That is a lot of money I spent on jeans so I decided to get the most out of my money!  Instead of being upset that another pair is ruined I now just sit them aside to make into shorts for summer!

It is actually really simple to make them into shorts and then the fun part is adding things img_2344to make them look nice enough to wear places and so my kids feel like they are getting “new” shorts!  Especially my daughter because all 12 pairs of jeans are from my one son!  So when she saw that I was making shorts from her brother’s jeans she was appalled at the idea of having to wear boy pants!

To make the idea less awful to her I let her help me pick out ribbon to decorate the shorts to make them more pretty and she had a blast looking through the ribbon!  ( TIP:  watch for those 40% off joann’s coupons.  I used one a few months ago on a large bag of assorted ribbon and got 30 different spools of ribbon for only $7!)
How do you do it?  
Step 1:  You will need to cut the jeans off right at the top of the hole in the pants.  For me I find it easiest to fold the jeans in half and cut through both pairs at the same time.  You will need to have a good pair of scissors to do that.  Otherwise I recommend measuring if you cut the pant legs separately, that way they are the same length to start.
Step 2:  Turn the pants inside out and fold the pant legs so you can hem them.  You can pin them to keep them in place or you can free hand it.  Which ever you are more comfortable with.  Remember though pinning the area you want to hem will help to make sure it is even all the way around.
Step 3:  Hem the shorts using a sewing machine.
Step 4:  You can stop there or if you want to add some ribbon to the bottom of the shorts you can turn the right side out.  Measure the length around the pant leg of your shorts and then cut that much ribbon.  I would strongly recommend pinning the ribbon in place around the bottom of the shorts.
Step 5:  Sew the ribbon on to the shorts using a sewing machine.
Now at this point you could stop, but I chose to add the matching ribbon to the pockets of the shorts as well.  To do this I measured the pocket area, 4.5 inches for mine, and I had to hand sew this part.  I really liked the finished look though so it was worth a little extra time!

Now for my son he felt a little left out with his sister getting ribbon on her shorts so I decided to use iron on patches for his shorts.  Now the thing about iron on patches that I did not know before is that you really can’t just iron them on and then be done with it.  Well maybe some brands are like that, but the ones I bought said to hand wash and air dry delicately which would never happen!  So I ironed on the patches and then went around them and sewed by hand just a few stitches around each patch just to keep it on when I wash them!


The end result?  The kids love them, I didn’t have to buy shorts for summer since I was able to use the jeans I would have otherwise just thrown out, and it only took me 2 afternoons, it was 12 pairs after all!

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