Homemade Foaming Hand Soap

I am all about saving money but I don’t want to sacrifice quality for the sake of saving a little money.  So when it came to hand soap I thought I would give it a  try making it myself.  At first it was a DISASTER!  It was so watery that when I tried to press the pump of the soap dispenser it would shoot out at my eye ( a highly unpleasant experience!) Not to mention if my hands were the least bit greasy they would stay that way after washing them! But after a LOT of tinkering with different ingredients I have now come up with a recipe I LOVE and use throughout my home!

IMG_2303.jpgYou will need:
2 TBSP Liquid Castille Soap
1/2 TBSP Dawn Dish Soap ( or any brand you like)
5 drops Onguard
8oz foaming hand soap dispenser
1.  Put the castille soap, dish soap, and essential oil into the soap dispenser.
2.  Fill the dispenser until also most full.  You want to leave space at the top so you can put your pump in.
That’s it!  Now you have your own foaming hand soap!


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