Princess Party Birthday Invitations

For my daughter’s 5th birthday this year we did a Princess themed birthday party!  We called it “princess” but it was really Queen Elsa themed if I am being honest because Elsa is number in her heart!
For our invitations she helped pick out all the colors, paint, and ribbon, which she totally loved!  I wanted to let this be a special craft for her to do with me!  She loved it!  It took us a few hours, mostly because paint and glue had to dry, to get all 10 invitations done, but it was a lot of fun!
What you will need:
a pack of wooden dowels
glitter paint
paint brush
1.  First you will need to paint the wooden dowels or sticks you are using.  My daughter picked out a blue glitter paint because it reminded her of Elsa!  We painted then wooden dowels and let them dry on parchment paper!
 2.  Next you need to glue the paper for the invitation onto the wooden dowels.  I used regular Elmer’s glue.
You will then have to let them dry again for a while.  Make sure the glue is fully dry before you roll them into scrolls!    I simply had them all spread out on my table so they could dry!
3.  Once the glue has fully dried you can roll the invitations as you would a scroll and tie them with a ribbon!

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