Ultimate Stain Remover

Have you ever done your laundry and as you’re folding you realize something you washed had a stain that did not come out with the spray on stain remover?  That used to be my problem!  But this last year I had a baby and when I got the baby clothes out of storage I was shocked to find many of them had these yellowish stains!  Strange, since I don’t remember packing away dirty cloths??!!??


According to babycenter.com protein stains (yellowing) are common on children’s clothing because of food, milk spills, and drooling. Freshly washed children’s clothing may appear clean when going in to storage, but enzymes remain active and cause staining.
So Now I understood why the clothes were yellow but how to get the awful stain out?  I found mixing Biz, dawn, and peroxide did the trick every time.  And as an added bonus I’ve been able to get out grass stains, chocolate, and tomato sauce out of my older kid’s clothes!
bbq1-001                bbq2-0011.jpg
You will need
1/2 cup Peroxide
1/4 cup Dawn ( I always use the actual dawn, I’m all for saving money, but I’ve had bad luck with other brands)
1/4 cup biz
1.  You will mix all of the ingredients together.
2.  Using a toothbrush scrub the stains from the clothes.
3.  If the stain is very bad or the item of clothes delicate soak in a sink in very very very hot water for several hours or over night.
4.  If you have a high efficiency washing machine you will want to make sure to rinse the clothes out if you soaked them before washing them.  The dawn makes a lot of suds.
5.  Wash as you normally would.  I like to use my homemade laundry detergent and do an extra rinse.  If it is for baby then I do 2 extra rinses.
Since using this recipe I have found that for some very difficult stains such as Ketchup, BBQ Sauce, and Blueberries I slightly alter the recipe and method to make sure the stains come out!  But only slightly!
To get the BBQ sauce stain out of my daughter’s white lace dress I used:
1/2 cup Peroxide
1/4 cup Dawn
1/4 cup Homemade Laundry Detergent
Then I followed the method above with the one exception being that instead of using the hottest water I could get from my sink I actually boiled some water and then soaked the dress in the boiled water.  You don’t want to put the dress into the pot while the flames are still on because you don’t want to damage or cook the dress so be sure to turn off the flame before you soak the dress!

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