Double Sided Fleece Blankets

I love making blankets!  In fact I am to the point now where I am running out of places to put them!

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But that is what happens when you live in the land of frozen tundra!  I decided a while back to make my kids some double sided fleece blankets!  This way I could use two different kinds of characters or pattern for each blanket and they would be really warm blankets!  I was really happy with how these turned out!  I also experimented with doing some extra reinforcing stitching with these blankets that I have really been happy I decided to do because I have had to wash them many many times and they have held up really well!
What you will need:
2 yards of fleece fabric ( you can use two of the same pattern or two different)
sewing machine
1.  First you need to put one yard of fabric on the floor and place the other yard on top.  You want to make sure they are the exact same size.  Cut edges if you need to to make sure they are the same size.
2.  Make sure both yards of fabric are on the floor with the good side of the fabric facing each other.  In other words if it was already sewn then it would look inside out.  Because you always sew inside out.
3.  Now you will pin your blanket.  Use as many pins as you need to make sure it stays in place.
4.  Now you can move to the sewing machine.  I always increase my tension on the sewing machine to 3.5 or 4.0 to that the fabric does not tear while I am sewing.
5.  Sew all the way around the blanket leaving about a 10 inch gab at the end from where you started.  This is where you will pull the blanket through so it is right side out.
6.  Remove the blanket from the sewing machine and pull the blanket through the hole so it is right side out.
7. Now you will turn the remaining part of the blanket that needs sewing in.  Put it back to the sewing machine and finish your blanket!
In this picture you can see that the stitch I made after turning it right side out is not a perfect hidden stitch because you have to fold the remaining fabric together and stitch.
 In this picture you can see the difference between a stitch made when the blanket was sewn inside out compared to the above picture where the stitch was made at the end when the blanket was turned right side out and finished.
8.  Now you can be finished if you like or you can do a reinforcing stitch which doubles as a decorative border.  I always do this because it really helps the blanket hold up in the wash over time.***
For the decorative reinforcing stitch I place the sewn blanket on my sewing machine and using the measure tool on the sewing machine I place the fabric at the 2 inch marker.  Then I sew around the blanket in one continuous line.  At the corners don’t stop simply pick up your boot and rotate your blanket to continue!
9.  To do this you will sew around your blanket again about 1-2 inches in from the end.  This creates a border and helps it stay sewn together when washed.
10.  Remove from the sewing machine.
*** The only time that I do not do a reinforcing stitch around the blanket is if I am working with cuddle fleece.  Cuddle fleece will jam in the sewing machine if you are not careful so I only sew the two pieces of cuddle fleece together and then turn it right side out and finish.
That’s it!
In this picture you can see that there is only the stitch I made when the blanket was inside out.  No reinforcing stitch here because the cuddle fleece can jam the sewing machine so easily and  then it will rip!  I turned the blanket slightly to the side so you can more easily see how it came together at the seams.
A super warm fleece blanket!

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