Pokemon Birthday Party

This year my son wanted a Pokemon birthday party!  This year we decided to make a pinata for the party along with pokemon snow globes and pokemon punch balloons ( you know, for battles!).


The Birthday Invitations!
I found this great site that allows you to customize your own pokemon card!  I used it to make birthday invitations that  I then printed off at walmart as 4X6 prints and gave to the children we were inviting!  Once you have made your invitation you view your progress on the card to the left.  Just right click and save as.  Then you can save it to your computer to print or email as an invitation!
Here is the link where you can make your own:  http://www.mypokecard.com/en/


The Pinata!!!
For the Pinata it was actually quite easy, although a little time consuming.  I went to the dollar store and bought a 3 pack of punch balloons.  I used one of those balloons for the pinata. I also end up having a bunch of free newspapers on my driveway all the time, I have been saving them thinking I might one day have a use for them and now I have one!
You will need:
Strips of newspaper, contruction paper, or scrap paper
Homemade “glue”
Glue Recipe
Mix 1/2 cup flour with 1/2 cup water.  Then add 2 cups boiling water.  Stir until mixed well and slightly cool ( you don’t want to burn yourself!).
1.  Blow up the balloon to the size that you want your pinata to be.
2.  Placing one strip of paper at a time in the bowl of “glue” coat the paper and remove excess.  Then place the paper on the balloon being sure to layer the paper until balloon is completely covered.  The punch balloon came with a rubber band and I carefully layered paper around it so I would be able to use the rubber band later to hang up the pinata.
3.  It will take 24 hours to dry.
4.  At this point you can either do another layer of paper with “glue” or you can begin painting.  If you are  going to do another layer of paper you will need to make more glue and follow the intructions above.  If you are going to paint then have fun and be sure to let it dry again for 24 hours!
5.  Now your pinata is done!  Nearly.  Cut a little flap in the back of the pinata so you can put in candy, toys, or whatever you like!
Pokemon Snowglobes
I found a great deal on amazon for a good size lot of mini pokemon action figures.  24 piece set for $7.  they have larger lots of 100 +  but I really didn’t need 100 tiny pokemon for me to step on so I just went with the lot of 24 so there would be enough for the party and a few left over to keep as toys!
These were fun and there are lots you can do with them.  At first I used medium sized silver glitter but you couldn’t tell there was anything in the water so I then tried extra fine colored glitter, red and blue, and that worked great!
You will need:
Small Action Figures
Baby Food Jars
Extra Fine Colored Glitter
Hot Glue Gun
1.  First you will want to use the hot glue gun to glue the action figure to the lid of the baby food jar.
2.  Next fill the baby food jar with water, leaving about 1/2-1/4 inch space from the top.
3.  Using 1/16-1/8 tsp of extra fine glitter, put glitter into baby food jar.
4.  Next use hot glue around the rim of the baby food jar lid and then tightly place the lid on.  The hot glue will help keep the lid on to prevent spilling the water and glitter later.
Now all you do is give it a shake and watch the glitter flow around the action figure!
Pokemon Punch Balloon
The dollar store has a great deal on punch balloons.  3 balloons for $1.  Plus my kids love punch balloons so I wanted to include them into the party. So I had the idea to draw on the punch balloon to make them into pokemon and then the kids could play with the balloons and do pokemon “battles”!
To do this I just looked at pictures of the pokemon characters and did my best ( I am not an artist) to make the balloons somewhat resemble their pokemon.
At the party I let the children pick out which balloon they wanted and I could either help them draw on the pokemon or they could do it themselves.  For those who wanted to be creative and make their own I wanted to let them do that!


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