Moroccan Flower Blanket Pattern

img_0543Every year for Christmas my kids get a new blanket.  My youngest daughter loves the color red.  She is always running off with her older siblings red stuffed animals and toys.  So I decided to make her a flower blanket of red and yellow!


I made 4 kinds of flours using red, yellow, and white:



To make this blanket you will need:

Size H crochet hook

Cherry Red Yarn

Lemon Yarn

Charcoal Yarn

White Yarn


For this blanket I made:

10 Yellow centered White petaled flower motifs


10 White centered Yellow petaled flower motifs


9 Red centered White petaled flower motifs


14 White centered Red petaled flower motifs


For a total of 43 motifs!

Round 1:

ch 5

Sl into first chain

Round 2:

ch 3

Dc into the ring

Ch 1, 2 dc into the ring ( do  this 5 times)

Ch 1

Sl st

Yarn off

Round 3:

(Change Color) Ch 3

dc, ch1, 2 dc

2 dc, ch1, 2 dc * all around until you have 12

Sl St

Round 4:

(Same Color) Sl St in the next space

Ch 3

6 dc

7 dc * all the way around

Insert hook into 3rd ch from 1st ch3

Round 5:

(Change Color) 1 Sc in each dc ( don’t forget to sc down to round 3)

Round 6:

(Change Color) Sl St, ch 3

3 dc

ch1, dc into same space

8 dc, ch1, dc into same space * all around

Secure with Sl St

Yarn off, Pull Through.

That is how to make each of the flowers.  I made 43 flowers for the blanket in the picture.  To bind them together I did a lace binding.


Then finished it off with a sc border all the way around in charcoal.



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