Homemade Foaming Green Tea Face Cleanser

This is the 2nd step in the double cleansing method!  I’ve begun using the Korean Skincare Method which consists of some things that were new to me and some things that I’ve used for a long time!  A water based cleanser is something that most of us have used before.  I used to buy mine but lately I’ve been having a major problem with cleansers drying out my face and leaving me with flaky skin and red patches!!  Plus it gets ichy!

I have super sensitive dry skin, especially in the winter!  So now I’m just making my own cleansers!  It is kind of fun to be able to customize them to what I specifically need and plus since I started using this, NO more red spots or flaky ichy skin!!!

I decided to use green tea in this cleanser because green tea is super high in antioxidants, which is fantastic for your skin, but also green tea helps to reduce redness in the skin.  Something I am struggling with right now.  And since I want to try to improve my natural skin enough to not need foundation anymore, reducing the redness was important to me!


8oz water

1 Tbsp castille unscented soap

1 organic green tea bag


You warm the water and put the tea bag in it.  Cover the cup and let the tea steep about about 15 minutes.

Next, get your foaming soap dispenser and add 1 Tbsp of the castille soap.

After the 15 minutes remove the tea bag and discard.

Add the tea to the foaming soap dispenser!

Ta-Daa You’ve done it!  Your own homemade water based foaming green tea cleanser!

When you use this you really only need about 2 pumps!

This is the 2nd Step in the Korean Skincare Method.   This cleanser removes anything left behind from the Oil Cleanser along with the oil! If you are following the 10 step skin care method then you would follow this with a toner!

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